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African Tribal Costumes- South African Traditional Zulu Women Clothing

Zulu Traditional Women Costumes

As a young girl living in California I remember watching Shaka Zulu

on TV. Amazed at the Zulu Tribe for their dancing, unique clothes,

strength of their Kingdom and pride. Of course now days people wear

modern clothes but I was interested in learning more about their traditonal

Zulu tribal clothing.

The Zulu Tribe is the largest South African group. They live mostly in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A small portition also lives in Zibabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.


Traditional Zulu Women Attire -

The women dress depends on whether they are single, engaged or married.

Unmarried Woman who are avaiable are proud of displaying their figure/body. They wear a short skirt made of grass or beaded cotton strings and puts on a lot of creative beads. Clothing for Zulu girls is mainly made of beadwork and is usually revealing.

They also wear isidwaba, a pleated skirt made of cowhide and softened by hand. Younger women sometimes decorate their skirts with beads.

 African Tribal Costumes – South Africa


image African Tribal Costumes – South Africa


Engaged Woman will let her traditionally short hair grow. They cover their breast with a decorative cloth. This shows respect for her future husband and family. Allows people to know that she is spoken for.

ZuluWomen African Tribal Costumes – South Africa


Married Woman covers her body completely signalling to other men that she is taken. When a young girl gets married, she then has to wear certain coloured beads in her hair and around her skirt so that everyone in the village can see that she is married.


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Zulu Hats-

Zulu Hats are Called “Isiqoko”. Women cover their heads with these hats it shows respect for those around them. If you see a women wearing one you know that she is married.They are hand woven from cotton,vegetable fiber dyed or rope and covered over a basket.

zulu women African Tribal Costumes – South Africa

Beads -

The Zulu tribe is well known for their aazing beadwork and designs. Their beads are symbolic , it can be a warning, messages of love, and encouragement.

DesignZuluBeadsClose African Tribal Costumes – South Africa

As you can see the Zulu Traditional Tribal clothing is very beautiful and colorful just like its people. This makes me want to book a flight to South Africa and experience the warm of the people from the Zulu tribe.


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